This photographic series are about Love broadly understood and addressed from three areas: ways of living love - ETHOS -; forms of liviving sex - EROS -, and ways of living the heartbreak - PATHOS -. Every picture says a kind of love or a different way of understanding. The main actors are articulated mannequins that show a human form, and are portrayed in moments where the movement is frozen. Through the body language they can taken and with help of a small staging, may evoke images with some irony, lead us to think about issues relating to human. The group aims to create an imaginary following the way of the surreal proposals int he early twentieth century, where the viewer has an experience of voyeur and suspect ethics.

The photographs are accompanied by two titles: the first one taken from some tales of great Pere Calders, and the second one, like a subtitle, try to narrow the meaning.

Won project of the 1st Grant Photography organised by Photography Friends of Torroella de Montgrí'2008.

Analog Photography
Manual copy in fiber paper and assembly in gilt frames
24 photographs, 24 x 18 cm.

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