This photographic series is about the theme of Death. The aim is to open a space for reflection to allow talk about it, and show it as some daily and close. I started from my own experience, and I used this project to remember and make a small tribute to relatives who have died. The photographs show individual and personalized services as a still life, and more specifically like Vanitas, and after were placed where the person has been buried.
As Guy Davenport explains(1998):

Primitive people used to feed the dead. In the oldest tombs we found plates and pitchers. From the earliest times known in Egypt, pious family fed their dead parents; ka, the soul, coulds eat. (...) And when, after a long time, there was nobody who can feed a family ancestor with fresh food, a meal was painted on the wall of the tomb, through which the ka could live up to the appearance day of Osiris, when time stops and the righteous will dwell forever in the eternal July of redemptioned Egypt. Thats it, in my opinion, the real root of still life - the feeling totally primitive and archaic that a painting of food has some merit -. DAVENPORT, G. (1998)

Digital photography
6 photos, 45 x 45 cm.




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