There are men who fight one day and are good. There are others who fight for a year and are better. There are some who fight many years and are very good. But there are those who struggle all their lives, these are the essential. Bertolt Brecht

The project narrate the life of the artist parents with a visual and sculptural metaphor. She raised the building work from the concerning of my family trade: a poultry. This is not a free election. The fact to realize a space in which they cut up dead animals, it will reflect the hard life of two people, while this is softened by using a soft material as the base for the realization of the work.
The project has the bar-fridge as it’s central element, also was the place which they displays all the products it were made with sewn felt. In the price tag, there are a synthesized biography of her parents.
On the other hand, the product of cutting pieces of chicken, are printed with dates that are associated with two parallel timelines: special days in the life of my parents, Maria & Joan, and notable events in the history of Spain.

Textile sculpture & video
150 x 210 x 85 cm. / 2:31:24

This is a project of Sandra March, in collaboration with her mother Maria Pinell.
Also collaborated:
- Sewing: Irene Manresa
- Graphic Design: Ingrid Marques
- Production: Joan Colell and Manolo Hernandez
- Proofreading: David Hernandez and Irene Manresa
- Video: Maria Verdú