Barbara Kruger, 1989.

Today the body is one of the largest centers of interest and
investigation in the field of aesthetics, in biomedical research and
practices, and in philosophical reflection. The body, as Diego
Romero diagnosed, "is perhaps the great spiritual question of the next century.
Aurora Miñambres

The Anatòmica Project operates somewhere between the old and the new, plays with the imagination, and uses irony to discuss the excessive aestheticism of the current era, demystifying it. It consists of different parts that are organized around two fundamental themes: the representation of the human body, and anatomy.
The appreciation of physical beauty and the pursuit of the aesthetic ideal are not exclusive products of modern society. Appearance has been a human concern with mankind which can be traced throughout history (2): the project aims to highlight this need. The use of anatomy gives us access to what makes us equals beyond appearance, while the fact that bodies represented in the project are self-portraits, and I was a chubby person and therefore unattractive according to existing parameters, creates an ironic counterpoint that acts as a purgative.
The project consists of eight pieces that are numbered and correlated. By being articulated in different and independent parts, it allows the project to function both as a whole where each project brings new views and semantic twists to the theme, or as independent and autonomous parts. They are made with different techniques that form a heterogeneous piece and multiple plastic productions. The variety of proposals includes drawings, computer graphics, photography and sculpture.

Winning project, IV Beca Ciutat de Vic a la Creació Artística' 2010.
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